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  • 4D GALAXY (4D)
  • 4D GALAXY (4D)
  • 4D GALAXY (4D)
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Immerse yourself into Professor Maxwell’s 4D Galaxy and discover the science beh…


Immerse yourself into Professor Maxwell’s 4D Galaxy and discover the science behind Space with interactive projects that come alive in Augmented and Virtual reality! Build a Sundial, walk on the surface of Mars, discover the planets in our Solar System, dive into the layers of our Earth and so much more with Professor Maxwell's 4D Galaxy!


• 45 Page Book – Includes 22 immersive experiences with detailed step-by-step instructions that come alive in augmented and virtual reality.

• Hands-Free Goggles – This set includes a set of goggles to create a hands-free experience, allowing you to turn the pages of the book for an immersive experience. 

• The Lesson Plan – This is a unique, educational and lesson based product, in which the professor delivers core scientific values within each of the experiences, establishing and fostering a fundamental understanding of the science behind space.

• Step-by-Step Videos – Each project contains step by step instructions that come alive in real-time video as you glance at them through the googles or in hand held play more, showing you actual footage of how the step is to be done.

• The Materials – The kit includes a complete set of materials, including a planetarium mobile, clay, paint, brush markers, a rolling pin and so much more so that you can build your way to fun right out of the box!

• App – Download the free app in the Apple or Google store and use any phone to get started! 

This kit includes:

• Clay
• Rolling Pin
• Brush Markers
• Food Coloring
• Straw

• Magnet
• Spool String
• Styrofoam
• Planetarium Mobile & Paint
• Paint Brush
• Funnel
• Popsicle Stick
• Baking Soda
• Duct Tape  

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